Optimize the fuel efficiency of your new Toyota hybrid

Driving a new Toyota hybrid in N Charlotte has its perks. The biggest advantage of hybrid cars is the incredible fuel efficiency they provide. Our new Toyota hybrids make saving gas easy with the advanced technology under the hood. However, the fuel efficiency you receive is directly dependent on your driving habits. You have to know what driving techniques work best with the way hybrid vehicles function.

Increase the mpg in your new Toyota hybrid near Charlotte

If you drive a new Toyota hybrid in N Charlotte, you probably expect unbelievable fuel efficiency. Our hybrid cars are definitely made to deliver the best fuel economy, as the popular N Charlotte Toyota Prius gets an estimated 50 mpg combined! However, did you know there are certain ways of driving a hybrid car that can increase fuel efficiency even more?

  • The special ingredient in our new Toyota hybrids that helps them achieve such great fuel economy is the Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive. This drivetrain allows them to use both a gasoline engine and electric motor. To use less gas, you want to use the electric motor as much as possible. You can achieve this by driving slower, so you’re not using as much energy.
  • Along with driving slower, you want to ease on the acceleration. You can use the “pump and glide” method. To do this, you want to slowly accelerate to the speed you need to go and then let off the gas. Once your car decelerates about 5-10 mph, you can ease back on the gas pedal.
  • You also need to decelerate slower to take advantage of the regenerative braking. All of our new Toyota hybrids near Charlotte have this feature, which helps restore energy in the car battery every time you brake. To use this, you must anticipate stops ahead of time and come to a slow halt. If you hit the brakes too suddenly, the battery has no chance of capturing the energy it needs!

Take advantage of the drive modes in the N Charlotte Toyota Prius

Our new Toyota hybrids, such as the Toyota Prius, offer different drive modes to help you get even more fuel efficiency! You want to use the EV and ECO drive modes as much as possible.

  • The EV drive mode allows you to only use the electric motor for a limited period of time. You can take advantage of this drive mode and make it last longer by keeping a gradual and steady pace.
  • The ECO drive mode changes the setting of accessories and the air conditioning in your car to use less energy. You should also contribute by limiting the use of unnecessary accessories.

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