Get ready to ship your car with these tips!

Moving far away can be quite a struggle with so many things to worry about, including how you’re going to transport all of your belongings. However, your couch may not be the biggest thing you have to move. Have you thought about how you’re going to get your new Toyota in N Charlotte to its new destination? You have two choices: driving your car or shipping it. 

If you’re planning on shipping your car, you want to be sure it makes it to its destination safely. How? Toyota of N Charlotte is sharing what steps you should take to prepare your N Charlotte Toyota for shipping and other factors to take into consideration.

Prep your new Toyota in N Charlotte for transport

Before you sent your new Toyota near Charlotte off to its new location, it’s important to take some time to prep it. With a little preparation, you can reduce the risk of harm to your new Toyota during transportation. Here are some tips for shipping a car from our N Charlotte Toyota dealership:

  • Clear out the inside and remove any personal items: The first thing you want to do to prepare your new Toyota in N Charlotte for shipping is clean the interior. Make sure there’s no food left in the car, so animals don’t get into it. You also want to take all of your personal items out, so they don’t go missing during transport. 
  • Wash the outside and check for damage: Although the outside of your new Toyota probably won’t stay clean during transport, you should clean the exterior and wax it to give it some protection. While cleaning your car, we suggest thoroughly inspecting it for existing damage. This way, you know what was there and what wasn’t when you see it again.
  • Secure special parts and convertible tops: If you have specialty car parts on your N Charlotte Toyota, like a spoiler, we suggest securing or removing it. You should also fold in the side mirrors and remove the antenna if possible. If you have a convertible car, you want to make sure the top is up and secure.

Ship your new Toyota right with these tips

We don’t ship cars here at Toyota of N Charlotte, but we suggest finding a reputable company who can take care of this service for you! To find a company you can trust, we suggest doing your research. Look up companies online and read reviews. Don’t forget to also check the Better Business Bureau (BBB). 

Before you ship your new Toyota you also want to decide whether you want to use an open or closed trailer. An open trailer is typically more expensive; however, it leaves your car open to the outside elements. A closed trailer is more expensive, but provides more protection for your car.

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