Prepare an emergency roadside kit for your school commute!

School is starting and if you’re getting ready for a long daily commute, we suggest being prepared for any emergencies that come your way. You never know what kind of trouble you can run into when on the road, which is why you want to be prepared with an emergency roadside kit. With all of the right tools and supplies in your new Toyota in N Charlotte, you can be ready for anything that comes your way! Our Toyota dealership is sharing tips for preparing an emergency roadside kit to help you stay safe on your way back to school.

Stay safe on your way to school with an emergency roadside kit!

Although our new Toyota near Charlotte offer great safety features to help keep you secure, it’s important to look out for your own safety while on the road. This is why you should always keep a roadside emergency kit in your new Toyota! With this kit, you can be prepared for incidents, such as a tire blow out or a car accident. Some of the items you should keep in your roadside emergency kit include:

  • Jumper cables: There are a lot of circumstances that can cause your car battery to die, which is why you should always keep a pair of jumper cables in your new Toyota near Charlotte. This way, you won’t get stuck in the parking lot with a dead battery after a long day of classes!
  • A spare tire and tools: A tire blowout is a common way to end up on the side of the road. This is why you want to be armed with a spare tire and all of the necessary tools to change a tire. This includes a lug wrench and a car jack.
  • A flashlight and spare batteries: If your car breaks down at night, you’ll be happy to have a flashlight to help you see! Whether you’re changing your car tire or jump starting your car, this is an essential tool to have in your new Toyota near Charlotte!
  • First aid kit: Although it’s not for serious injuries, a first-aid kit can always come in handy. It can be especially helpful in the event of an accident and for minor injuries. 
  • Pen, paper and camera: If you’re ever involved in a collision, you should document it as best as you can. Use a pen and paper to jot down everything you remember about the accident and exchange information with the other party involved. You should also take pictures of the site to make it easier for you when you file and insurance claim. 

Get a new Toyota in N Charlotte for back to school

If you’re looking for a new car to help you with your daily commute, check out our new Toyota in N Charlotte! We have a ton of affordable options that are great for back to school!

Visit Toyota of N Charlotte today at 13429 Statesville Rd. in Huntersville. You can also give our internet sales team a call at (888) 883-3797 for more information. We look forward to seeing you here!


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