Why do you need car insurance for your new Scion?

Getting behind the wheel of a new Scion near Charlotte is an exhilarating experience. However, you can’t forget about important things like car insurance! Sure, you might think that thinking about car insurance is a boring idea, but it’s actually worth doing. Not only is it illegal to operate a car in the state of North Carolina without car insurance, but it’s also unsafe. 

Think about it—would you want to get into your new Scion in N Charlotte, only to for it to be ruined in a collision? There are many reasons why you should invest in car insurance for your Scion. Our Toyota Scion dealership is breaking them down!

Protect your new Scion in N Charlotte with car insurance

While you may wonder why you need to insure your ride, we can assure you that there are valid reasons as to why you should insure your ride. Like we said, you need car insurance by law. When purchasing an insurance policy, you have to make sure to get one that gives you proper coverage for an affordable price. Why invest in a good car insurance policy? We’re sharing some of the top reasons why you should purchase car insurance:

  • Protects you new Scion in N Charlotte: When you purchase a N Charlotte Scion, you know what a huge investment it is! You have to put down some serious cash when you purchase a vehicle and car insurance only protects your car. Should you ever get into a collision, you’ll be able to restore your vehicle to its former glory for a much lower price than if you had to fix your ride without the insurance policy. When you purchase car insurance, you protect your investment!
  • Keeps you calm: Even if you’re an excellent driver, accidents happen all the time. Car insurance provides financial protection from the automotive mistakes of others. Drivers are so unpredictable, that it’s best if you just protect yourself and your ride by purchasing a solid car insurance policy!
  • It can help protect YOU: You would think that car insurance only protects your vehicle, but a good car insurance policy can supplement your health insurance if it’s insufficient. Most insurers offer policies that cover injuries that your receive as a result of a collision. Even if you do have a good health insurance, car insurance might cover some things that health insurance won’t cover (i.e. accident-related injuries, dental work, etc.)
  • Helps you avoid the courtroom: Did you know that having car insurance can help you avoid liability lawsuits? Getting car insurance for your Scion near Charlotte can protect you from lawsuits if you were to get into a car accident and the other driver ends up suing for damages. 

Car insurance is important for your new Scion in N Charlotte

As you can see, getting car insurance for your vehicle is important! Why wouldn’t you want to protect your vehicle at every change you got? 

Let our Toyota Scion dealership help you pick out the right car insurance policy for your Scion! We’re located at 13429 Statesville Road and can be reached at 888-883-3797.


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