SIM Confirms Person Returning from West Africa is Missionary

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — International Christian mission agency SIM confirmed today that the person Mecklenburg County Health Department reported Saturday evening as returning from West Africa to the Charlotte area and classified as “some risk” for Ebola infection is a SIM missionary.

“SIM has been working closely with state and local public health officials for weeks for the anticipated return of this missionary to the U.S.,” said Bruce Johnson, president of SIM USA. “This missionary has been checked by our public health officials and is healthy and shows no signs of Ebola.

This person is being classified as “some risk” under the categories outlined by the Centers for Disease Control. SIM said it is withholding the identity of the missionary at this time for reasons of privacy. 

In a release sent out Saturday evening from Mecklenburg County Health Department officials, they said the person in Charlotte did not travel through Charlotte-Douglas International Airport and that the person arrived via private ground transportation. 

Health officials say the person will be closely monitored by the health department’s communicable disease staff for 21 days according to state and CDC guidelines.

We are working to gather more details and will have the latest on WCCB News @ 6.