Man on the Edge: What Celeb Butt is Next?

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Kim Kardashian’s latest photo showing off her assets is all over the place right now, and not particularly hard to find online.  Which means, yawn, onto the next one.  But TMZ just broke a whole new set of photos that include full nudie shots.  Full frontal; full rearal.  But you have to wonder… why?

Well according to reports, she says she’s got it, so now she’s flauntin’ it.  She’s breaking out the bootie to be captured for the time immemorial to make the most of her body before she gets pregnant again.  And she does want baby number two.

But now the copy-cats are coming out.  Chelsea Handler dropped a selfie, and her drawers, to make a point about what Instagram allows online, and what it doesn’t.  But in reality, a lot of lookie-loos don’t care why she did it; they’re just enjoying that she did.

And just so we’re not being sexist about it, there’s a whole list of guys’ butts that somebody wants to see.  Back in May, E! Online gave the definitive list of hottest guy butts around, listing everybody from Stephen Amell from the CW’s Arrow to Adam Levine, Jonathan Groff and plenty more.

So now that Kim Kardashian has unleashed the beast, who’s next on the celebrity bootie wish list?  Our Man on the Edge, Robert Wilder, shows his rear all the time, but whose do you want to see?