Sheriff Declares War On Gang Connected To Councilman’s Murder

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 CHESTER COUNTY, SC – The Chester County Sheriff is going after the gang accused of killing a local city councilman.

“I am personally declaring war on gangs in Chester County. So you don’t have to look for me. I’m coming for you,” said Sheriff Alex Underwood.

Three suspected gang members are in custody and one is still on the run. 
18-year-old Christopher Moore is charged with Odell William’s murder. Quinton McClinton, 25, and DeAngelo, 20, are charged as accessories to a felony.
Underwood says all four suspects are part of the Roundtree Circle gang.
The Sheriff’s Office is still looking for Derrick Dixon, who is considered armed and dangerous.
The gang members claim the name of the street Roundtree Circle in Chester County. Neighbors who live on the street say they live in fear.
“Around here, when you hear shooting at night by your house, you hit the floor.”
“We just get on the floor, put my grand kids on the floor.”
The neighbors were scared to show their faces as they told WCCB’s Audrina Bigos about the stray bullets that terrorize their families.
“These individuals are in your community. We are not going to stop until we capture them.” said Underwood.
On social media, teenagers who claim to be RTC gang members post pictures wearing camouflage and holding up gang signs.
The Sheriff’s Office chief deputy tells WCCB the gang has spread from Roundtree Circle, to across the county. He says the gang is usually connected to crimes like assault, burglary, and robberies, and its members are between the ages of 16 and 25.
“It may start out as fun and games and little boys doing little mischievous things, but that’s not what it is anymore because a life has been taken,” said a neighbor who lives on Roundtree Circle.
Underwood says he is calling in help from several local and state agencies to search for the fourth suspect.