Mountain Communities Prepare for Wintry Weather

This video is no longer available.

 BOONE, NC — Road crews in the mountains are preparing for possible wintry weather.  Salt trucks and plows are prepped and ready to hit the road, as temperatures quickly drop below freezing.  That means black ice is a big concern after a full day of rain.

“With all the moisture that’s on the roadway, it will freeze,” said Watauga County Maintenance Engineer Kevin Whittington.  Whittington says 15 trucks were out Monday evening treating roads in Watauga County.  NC DOT is monitoring the conditions and has trucks on standby in case the roads get worse.

Matt Robinette, who delivers food in Boone, is being extra careful.  “Drive a little slower, leaving a little more space between my car and the person in front of me,” he said.

“We’re not expecting a lot of accumulations tonight,” added Whittington.  “Just some low temperatures and light snow through the night.”

Whittington says 20-25 mph winds will also play a factor.  County crews are watching out for fallen trees in the roads or downed power lines.

NC DOT says it’s monitoring road conditions and staying in close communication with schools in Watauga, Avery and Ashe Counties.