Man on the Edge: How Do You Handle a Tarnished Role Model?

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 Bill Cosby is a man who’s been a role model and educator for many years.  But as more and more women come forward with rape allegations, his image is being blemished, and that’s hard on a lot of fans.

As of Wednesday, NBC has canceled its “comeback” show for Cosby.  That follows word that Netflix has also scratched a Cosby project.  Although he is still slated for a Charlotte appearance at Belk Theater in February.

We’re also hearing that Janice Dickerson from the CW’s America’s Next Top Model is making claims against Cosby.  She’s the third woman in a month to say Cosby drugged and raped her, stating that it happened back in ’82 when she was discussing a job with him.  But so many people don’t want to believe the claims, because Bill Cosby has been such an inspiration.  

Though he’s certainly not the only high-profile person to have his halo dimmed.  The NBA just suspended the Hornets’ Jeffery Taylor for 24 games, without pay, because of his domestic assault guilty plea.  And other athletes such as Greg Hardy, Adrian Peterson and Aaron Hernandez are facing their own legal issues.

And it’s not just athletes or actors either.  Martha Stewart’s jail term was a blow to fans, and Bill Clinton’s extra-marital affairs were hard for some to believe.  They’re all role models to some people.

So our Man on the Edge, Robert Wilder, asked the people of Charlotte: How do you handle a role model’s image being tarnished?