Baseball Hazing Investigation at UNC Charlotte

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CHARLOTTE, NC — UNC Charlotte has stopped all baseball team activities, and suspended several players. This comes as the university conducts an investigation into allegations of hazing among baseball team members.

“If you’re hurting someone or embarrassing them publicly, something like that,” says UNC Charlotte student David Budd about when hazing goes too far. “Or, you know, things that make people want to leave the team.”
UNC Charlotte first announced the investigation last Saturday. That investigation has taken a serious turn with Friday’s temporary halt to all baseball activities, and suspensions for several players.
Chancellor Phili Dubois released a statement saying: “We take such allegations seriously and have acted quickly to investigate and respond.”
WCCB Charlotte talked to students who say the university is proactive when it comes to safety. 
“They’re very proactive, making sure that everything is okay,” says UNCC student Steve Andreas. “Nothing really bad happens that often here. So it’s very surprising for a college campus.”
The university is not releasing the names of students involved, or giving any details on the investigation.
The chancellor’s statement did say: “We remain in close contact with members of the team and their families and are listening closely to their concerns.”
WCCB Charlotte reached out to the parents of several players. They either did not want to talk, or did not return our calls. The university says it has a clear policy defining hazing.
Students we talked to Friday night say they were not aware of the investigation.
“It probably isn’t okay, no matter what, but I think a little bit of friendly hazing is to be expected,” says Budd. “It builds trust within the team and stuff like that.”
“It’s on a very large spectrum,” says Andreas. “And I just think if it’s something you don’t feel like you should be doing, I feel it’s hazing for your situation.”
The hazing investigation is being conducted outside the Athletics Department, by the Students Affairs Division.