Crews Lay Tracks for World’s Largest Giga Coaster at Carowinds

This video is no longer available.

 CHARLOTTE, NC — You won’t have to wait much longer to ride the world’s tallest and fastest giga coaster.  Carowinds announced plans for the Fury 325 in August, but now you can see construction from I-77.

Crews are using giant cranes to lay tracks for the ride.  It will be about 30 stories high, take you up a 325 hill and then drop you, all while going 95 miles per hour!

“It’s exciting coming to Carowinds every day and seeing one more piece of Fury going into the sky,” said Carowinds VP and General Manager Mike Fehnel.  “They just don’t build roller coasters this large.  To have it here in Charlotte’s backyard is going to be an amazing thing.”

Fury 325 will be 93 feet taller than the Intimidator.  You can ride the new coaster in March if construction goes as planned.