One-on-One with Secretary of Transportation & Former Mayor Anthony Foxx

This video is no longer available.

CHARLOTTE, NC – It’s been almost a year and a half since Anthony Foxx left his post as Charlotte’s Mayor – to become U.S. Secretary of Transportation. “Well there’s a few too many Redskins fans up there. I like the Panthers so it’s kind of a hard place to be. But I feel like I’m doing important work,” Foxx says.

Sunday in town to rally support for a National Transportation Bill, he talked with WCCB about the progress of efforts he championed in Charlotte, like the street car.

City Council has applied for a Federal Grant to help pay for a second phase of the CityLynx Gold Line. If that doesn’t come though, city leaders will have to consider spending local money.
“I think there’s a strong case for the entire 2030 transit plan. The question is just whether the community can rally behind it and get it done,” Foxx says.
The community has had plenty to say about toll lanes. Opponents of a plan to add them on I-77 north of Charlotte say they’re worried about how much it will cost. The NCDOT has also talked about converting bus lanes on Independence Boulevard to toll lanes.
Foxx says that’s just one transit option that should be explored. “In many communities that are fast growing, like Charlotte, it’s not just the roads, it’s also the transit systems, and the other systems that people need to get around,” he says.
And there’s also the struggle for control of Charlotte’s airport. Some lawmakers in Raleigh have been trying transfer Charlotte-Douglas from the city to an Airport Commission. Foxx says he’s still waiting for the FAA to weigh in. “I’ve said it for a long time. It’s an unnecessary problem but it will get sorted out,” he says.