Charges Expected Against Providence HS Threat Suspect

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CHARLOTTE, NC – The man who made death threats against Providence High School is still free and no charges have been filed.

“Everybody is wanting to see the perp walk. Everybody wants to see the person that created all of this turmoil for all of South Charlotte,” said Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools Police Chief Randy Hagler.

Hagler says the goal is to get the suspect behind bars. He met with the district attorney Tuesday to talk about what charges can be filed against the suspect who anonymously posted on the app Yik Yak over the weekend. The post said, in part, “wait till Monday when I (blank) blow your brains out of your head.”
“While this certainly in our view is communicating a threat, they didn’t use the words that the statute does,” said Hagler.
Former Union County District Attorney John Snyder says he thinks the DA won’t have any problem finding other charges to file.
“You have the reasonable belief that it will be carried out, you have the specific place it will be carried out and the specific way that it will be carried out. Those things all give enough for a prosecutor in North Carolina to bring charges,” said Snyder. 
Police worked with the social media company to track the suspect down.
“It gave an IP address and it gave a longitude and latitude of where the post was made from,” said Hagler.
That information led police to a house within a few miles of Providence High School. The chief says officers knocked on the door and interviewed the man.
Hagler will not release the suspect’s name but says he’s under 25 years old and he lives in the house officers found him at. He is not a CMS student and did not graduate from CMS.
“I would not wait; I would take swift action. Justice is supposed to be swift, it’s not supposed to be delayed,” said Snyder.
Concerned parents kept nearly half of the students home from Providence High on Monday. The heavy police presence will continue for the rest of the week.
As far as the threats made at Ardrey Kell; Hagler says the poster is a “copy cat” who does not pose any viable threat to students or staff.