UPDATE: CMS Detectives Charge Man For Providence High Threats

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UPDATE: The man accused of making death threats against Providence High School is out of jail Wednesday night.

Investigators say Brehm anonymously posted on the app Yik Yak over the weekend.  The post said: “Ya think this is funny, haha, wait til Monday when I [expletive] blow your brains out of your head.”

Police worked with Yik Yak to track Brehm down.  The company was able to provide his IP address and the latitude and longitude of where the post originated.

Brehm is a college graduate who lives near Providence High School.  CMS says the added police presence at the school will continue through Friday.


CHARLOTTE, NC– Police have arrested and charged the individual who is accused of making threats against Providence High School.

Patrick Phillip Brehm, 22, has been charged with transmitting anonymous or threatening letters.

With assistance from the social media site YikYak, CMS police officers say they were able to identify and locate Brehm.

CMS detectives say they will continue to investigate any other possible individuals who may have been involved with the social media threats.  Officials say they take these threats very seriously and will prosecute any offenders to the fullest extent of the law.

Authorities say they will maintain the added security presence at Providence High School for the remainder of the week.