911 Call Released: Off Duty Officer Shoots Alleged Attacker At Buffalo Wild Wings

CHARLOTTE, NC– Police say a man was shot by an off-duty CMPD officer after a fight at Buffalo Wild Wings in Uptown.  

Police say a fight broke out at the restaurant on E. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard early Sunday morning. 

Reports say an employee alerted Officer Tyler Lee that Lawrence Edwin Johnson, 26, Ryan Mathew Murray, 31 and a third man were assaulting a person near the bar of the restaurant.

Lee then intervened, shooting his taser at one of the attackers, that’s when police say the third attacker came behind Officer Lee and put him in a choke hold.

Investigators say Officer Lee was unable to free himself from the mans grasp, so he pulled his gun and fired several shots.

The man was shot multiple times.  The unidentified attacker was rushed to CMC Main and is in critical condition, Murray and Johnson were charged with Public Affray, and Carrying a concealed weapon.

Upon the third man’s release he will be charged with Assault Inflicting Serious Injury on a Law Enforcement Officer.