Family: Canadian pastor has been detained in North Korea

TORONTO (AP) — Canada’s government has confirmed that a Canadian pastor has been detained in North Korea.

That’s according to relatives of the Rev. Hyeon Soo Lim, who pastors the Light Korean Presbyterian Church in Toronto.

Lisa Pak, a spokeswoman for the family and the church, said Lim is facing charges but could not say what they are.

Pak said Lim was supposed to return from a humanitarian trip to North Korea more than a month ago. She said he has not been heard from since he travelled to North Korea on Jan. 31 as part of a regular humanitarian mission where he supports a nursing home, a nursery and an orphanage.

Pak said the 60-year-old pastor has made over 100 trips to North Korea, and that his mission trips are about helping people and not political.

Pak said the family and the church community are asking fellow Canadians and the international community to continue praying for his release and safe return home.