Speed Limit Increase This Week On I-485

CHARLOTTE, NC – The speed limit is increasing this week on Charlotte’s I-485 Outer Loop.

The N.C. Department of Transportation says it will raise the speed limit on I-485 to 70 miles per hour.

NCDOT crews will be begin installing new signs on Tuesday, with all changes expected to be completed by Friday.

“People are driving too fast as it is,” said Darren Miller, a West Charlotte resident.

NCDOT says officials recently conducted a speed study at 18 spots on I-485. 

Officials say results showed drivers already go between 70 and 75 mph on the outer loop. That’s one reason officials say the new limit will be 70mph.

"When I’m out on 485, that’s about the average speed people are going anyway,” said Davonda Cherry, an East Charlotte resident.

NCDOT says the new speed limit will make the loop safer by decreasing the speed differential of cars on the road.

“Experienced people go even faster than that and weave in and out of traffic,” said Trina Fagan, a Matthews resident.

The speed limit change comes as construction continues.

“I think that makes it more dangerous. It’s a commuter highway, this is not a freeway,” said Miller.

The 55 miles per hour limit at construction sites will stay the same.

When the last segment of I-485 opens on June 5, the new 70mph limit will be enforced on that stretch.

That section connects NC115 to I-85 in North Mecklenburg County.