Waiting Child: Devin

 CHARLOTTE, N.C. – This Waiting Child has a bubbling personality.  He’s vibrant, sweet and caring and sure to pull on your heart strings.

We are making great use of our WCCB Studio as Devin takes a tour around the station. From the control room, to the weather wall and the news desk. Devin is 9 years old and a huge sports fan, “The first one football, basketball, maybe ice hockey.”  He can’t wait for the football season to come back.  He wants to cheer on Cam Newton and the Panthers.

Devin is a pretty cool kid who is in need of a family.  He says families are very important, “If you get married and have kids you will be able to teach them the right thing to do.”

Consider adoption. You have the choice to change Devin’s life forever, “I really want an XBox for my birthday.  If I get a family and save up by doing my chores I can actually get enough to buy an X Box.”

If you think Devin would be a good fit for your family contact the North Carolina Children’s Home Society.