VIDEO | Family Of Jonathan Ferrell Speaks After Mistrial Announcement

The family of Jonathan Ferrell speaks to the media after a mistrial was announced in the trial against CMPD Officer Randall ‘Wes’ Kerrick.  

Kerrick shot and killed Ferrell in 2013.  Kerrick was charged with manslaughter.

Ferrell, 24, wrecked his car in east Charlotte and after wrecking, Ferrell went to a nearby home. The woman inside called 911, saying Ferrell was trying to force his way into her home.

Investigators say Officer Wes Kerrick was one of three police officers who responded. Officers say once on scene, Ferrell charged at them and refused to listen to their orders to stop.

One officer fired a TASER at Ferrell, but according to the defense, the TASER had no effect on Ferrell.The defense says Ferrell continued to advance on Kerrick.

Kerrick shot Ferrell when he allegedly saw Ferrell reach for his waistband. The two then allegedly fell to the ground and began fighting. The defense says Ferrell hit Kerrick in the face and grabbed Kerrick’s gun.

Investigators say Kerrick fired a total of 12 shots, 10 of which hit Ferrell. Ferrell was not armed.