Kerrick Attorneys Speak for First Time Since Mistrial

CHARLOTTE, NC — The attorneys for CMPD Officer Wes Kerrick are asking the state not to retry their client.  They spoke Wednesday for the first time since a mistrial was declared last week.


Officer Wes Kerrick’s attorneys spoke candidly about many issues, including the state leaving out key witnesses like Officer Thornell Little.

“The state ought to be ashamed to call that man a liar,” said defense attorney George Laughrun.

George Laughrun called out former CMPD Chief Rodney Monroe, who quickly after the incident lead the charge against Kerrick.

“From the start, I think the citizens of Charlotte were mislead by the Chief,” said Laughrun.  “It’s funny, where is the Chief now?  Why didn’t he come to this trial?”

Defense attorney Michael Greene says there was never a question about Kerrick taking the stand.

“For two years he had to sit silent,” said Greene.  “I think he told the truth; I think I think he did it effectively.”

They say both sides were left with strikes to use during jury selection, so the state can’t complain it wasn’t fair.

“If the AG office says, ‘Well it wasn’t a jury of “Jonathan Ferrell’s peers.”‘  That’s the jury their team passed on with two strikes for no reason at all,” said Greene.

Laughrun says Kerrick’s life and job future are still in limbo, so they’re hoping the AG’s office takes the 8-4 split of not guilty into consideration and not retry the case.

“Officer Kerrick could now be at peace, and then there can start to be communication from police, citizens of this city,” said Greene.

There is no time frame or deadline as to when the state has to announce if they will retry the case, so right now Kerrick’s status is still out on bond, on unpaid leave from CMPD.