Snark’s Best: Picking Bums and Boogers

The Best of the Snark: Bieber, Bums, Boogers, Poses and Paintings

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Get a re-Snark of the “AMAs,” Bieber, bums, picking your favorite at the game, striking a pose, looking old and an over-priced cat painting.

A look back at the American Music Awards and Justin Bieber’s show closing performance of latest “hits.”

Brazil’s “rear of the year” Miss Bum Bum contest, but the USA has already chosen its winner.

Be careful what you do at a basketball game, you just might end up on the jumbotron’s “pick-it cam.”

Terrance and one Jeopardy contestant know how to strike a pose when it comes to TV game shows.

Feel old?  Now you can look old…or like a rival TV station… thanks to the new VHS app.

And a cat painting goes for way too much.  We think we know who bought it.

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