The Snark: A New Kimye & Cowell is Burgled

The Snark Report with Derek James: New Kardashian, Cowell Gets Robbed, Cookie Wars and Christmas Lights

CHARLOTTE, N.C. –  A new Kardashian, Cowell gets robbed, Coldplay’s announcement, an astronaut running in place, cookie wars and Christmas lights.

North West gets a brother,  adding one more to the reality show’s budget.

Simon Cowell might want to look into a better security system.

Not all Super Bowl fans are happy with the announcement that Coldplay is scheduled to play this year’s half-time show.  They fear Gwyneth might show up.

Astronaut Tim Peak really knows how to make the normal human feel small….and slow.

The cookie war is on…Pepperidge Farm is taking Trader Joe’s to court.

The guys on Rising are finally getting their Christmas tree lights up at home…but keeping them up could be a problem.

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