Waiting Child: Steven and Travis

CHARLOTTE, N.C.- In this week’s Waiting Child segment we introduce you to two brothers who have tons of personality.

They are typical boys who love to be active and play video games.  Steven is nine and in the fourth grade, “I like the bouncy houses and the video games.”  His brother Travis is eight years old in the third grade, “It makes my stomach go up, it feels weird.”

They are brothers who love each other and look out for one another.  I ask them who is the best brother between the both of them, which Steven replies,  “me,” and Travis agrees, “Yeah him. He’s the nicest one, but he’s probably the most annoying one too.”
Within moments of meeting them you can see the similarities and differences between the boys. Steven likes playing videos games and he likes hanging outside with his friends.  Travis not so much, “I’m not a morning or an outdoor person.”
When I ask them what they need in a family Travis runs down his list, “I think a family needs a bed, bath, house, food, jelly and bread.”  Steven laughs, “He likes jelly and butter on his toasts.”
Consider adoption you have the chance to change Steven and Travis’s lives forever.
If you think Steven and Travis would be a good fit for your family contact the North Carolina Children’s Home Society.