Is your car ready for the cold? Our Charlotte Toyota Service Center can help!

Charlotte Toyota serviceIs your car prepped and ready for cold weather? It’s coming our way, and you need to ensure your ride is ready to handle the fluctuation in temperatures if you want to get maximum performance out of it! This means prepping your car with Charlotte Toyota service before the weather turns, but it also means maintaining it while the chill is in the air. Toyota of N Charlotte’s auto service center is here to help!

Make sure your car is ready BEFORE winter arrives with Toyota of N Charlotte  

There are some particular steps you should take when it comes to preparing your car for the cold. Our Charlotte Toyota Service Center recommends taking care of items like: 

Tires – make sure you have the right type of tires for driving on ice and in snow, and also ensure they’re inflated and rotated. Have our Charlotte Toyota service techs check the tread, too – that’s what gives you traction and helps your tires grip the road properly! 

Fluids – make sure all the fluids under the hood can handle the change in temperature. Our Toyota service techs in Charlotte can examine what you have and suggest replacements to better handle the cold! 

Brakes – cold weather can mean snow and ice, so you want your brakes to be on point. Schedule Charlotte Toyota service for brakes and have the entire system inspected before the roads get slippery! 

Battery – the cold can also take a toll on your car battery and how it performs, so have our techs check the voltage for you to make sure it’s still got enough get-up-and-go to handle the upcoming temps! 

Maintain your car in cold weather with our Toyota Service Center 

However, you also need to maintain your car in the cold weather even if it’s been professionally prepped! Here are some tips from our Toyota Service Center in Charlotte: 

  • Check your tires regularly – cold air can cause you to lose tire pressure, which directly affects fuel efficiency AND traction! Check the PSI to make sure your tires are inflated enough! 
  • Wash your car on a regular basis (or bring it to our Toyota Service Center for a wash). Salt and chemicals from the road can corrode your paint if you don’t wash them off regularly! 
  • Keep up with oil changes – this type of service is imperative no matter the season, but especially in winter. You may even want to switch oil types to give your car the tools it needs to perform at maximum capacity! 
  • Stay on top of your emergency roadside kit! You’ll want to keep a spare tire and tools, blankets, bottled water, snacks, jumper cables, flares, and a first aid kit on hand… just for the basics. Our Charlotte Toyota Service Center can help you build an emergency roadside kit designed specifically for winter weather! seasonal auto service