CMPD: Make a Plan as Thieves Become Violent

CHARLOTTE, NC — Violent robberies peaked this weekend at more than 30. Gunmen left victims shot, stranded without their vehicles and with ransacked homes.

CMPD says the thieves aren’t contained within any specific area, meaning anyone could be a victim.

Wendy’s on East Independence Boulevard was open to customers when police say two gunmen shot an employee.

She’s one of dozens in the city recovering from weekend robberies.

“I’ve been frequenting this place for three months. I’m building a place over here,” said one customer, Duane Boone. “So, we just need to carry our guns.”

By Wednesday, detectives logged at least ten more significant robberies.

Tuesday evening, CMPD was at a home on Pegram Street near Plaza Midwood where a 61-year-old man says three men armed with semi-automatic handguns held him down on the floor. They stole his jewelry and credit cards and took off in his car.

“This is going to be one of the worst moments of your life,” said Officer Chris Kopp.

Officer Kopp says following the robbers’ demands could keep you from getting shot, but you need to do more.

“Be the best witness that you can, because when the police arrive, the biggest thing we’re going to need to catch these individuals is a very good description, specific as possible,” said Officer Kopp.

He says you should prepare before you find yourself in a store when robbers attack.

“Just understand your options,” said Officer Kopp. “Know what you can and can’t do. Know what you should and shouldn’t do, and hopefully you’ll get through it.”