Cam Newton’s Butt-Slap Reaction Is Priceless

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — It’s not unusual for Cam Newton to give a postgame interview- but this interview was priceless.

After tossing three touchdowns in the Carolina Panthers’ 38-0 win over the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, Cam Newton spoke with Fox’s Pam Oliver.

Everything was going smoothly- until Newton’s teammate gave him a big slap on the rear.

That’s when the quarterback made a priceless face on camera and let out a classic “Oh my God.”

The slapper then began chanting “M-V-P!” Cam smiled and laughed with his teammate- seriously, how could you not love this team?

Not only are the Carolina Panthers undefeated this season, they are also an extremely likable team. Multiple articles dub the Panthers the most likable team in the NFL.

We can’t argue with that!