Star Wars Fans Line Theaters For Tickets

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Star Wars fans lined up for hours Thursday night to see the new movie, The Force Awakens.

Fans say it’s not just about seeing a movie it’s about the entire experience that they have waited years to enjoy.

“I have specifically gone on a no Star Wars diet for anything regarding this movie, I have not seen any of the trailers ,” said fan Cory Newell.

To say that Star Wars fans like Cory Newell are just excited to see Star Wars The Force Awakens movie is the understatement of the year.

“It’s been absolutely incredible and kinda unreal even just driving here I couldn’t believe I am finally able to see this movie just been waiting for it for years,” said fan Jennifer Devoll.

Die hard Star Wars fan dressed up and waited in long lines here at Concord Mills to Northlake Mall and all across town.

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The excitement has been building up all year with a new comic book release in January, meaning big business for Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find Owner Shelton Drum.

“It’s been great, Star Wars number one the comic came out in January and it was the biggest release in a decade,” said Drum.

And gathering for the premiere is more than just seeing a movie for hardcore fans.

“This is a chance for us to enjoy spending time with our friends to share something we all really love and enjoy and see what’s next in the franchise,” said fan Cher Lambeth.

And after the all anticipation, the first post movie reaction is in.

“There was just enough new stuff to keep it exciting and enough old stuff for us old timers to enjoy,” said Newell