City Leaders Join Islamic Community Forum

CHARLOTTE, NC — “All the kids are not the same, all the people are not the same, all the Muslims are not the same. There are good people and bad people in all the communities,” said Muslim Hina Saleem.

The message was loud and clear: all faiths and facets of the Charlotte community need to work together to dispel hatred against the Muslim community. CMPD wanted to reassure them they are here to protect them.

“Some people are a little uncomfortable; they’re afraid to call 911, and here I was in this meeting, just, ‘Hey call us; we will come out, we will investigate before something happens,'” said CMPD Lt. Christian Wagner.

City Councilman John Autry encouraged the Muslim community not segregate themselves.

“The best thing we can do is just engage the community to help alay some of the fears the Muslim community may have, and also help bring some of those folks out into communities they’re not part of,” said Autry.

Members of all faiths joined the meeting; some came just for support.

“I’m here as a Christian woman, reaching out to the Muslim community saying, ‘We love, we want to embrace you, we want to know you,” said Ella Caudle with The Good Samaritan Society.

And others wanted to raise concerns the Muslim community is facing, and see how the city can work with them.

“I was just thinking about some of the kids. They have rough experiences. Do they have any plan to educate the kids in schools about Islam?” said Saleem.