New FAA Rules Require Drone Registration

CHARLOTTE, NC — “I think it’s a pretty good thing, because obviously there needs to be some accountability or control,” said Former WCCB Charlotte Meteorologist Reg Taylor.

Taylor takes his responsibility as an owner of two drones very seriously. And feels the FAA requiring all owners to register will make more people follow the rules.

“You really do have to be responsible for this, because you’ve got four whirling blades in wide open, that done incorrectly could cause major harm,” said Taylor.

Brent Johnson owns HobbyTown in Mooresville and sells all sizes of drones. He says flying drones isn’t more dangerous than other airplanes or helicopters. The issue is more inexperienced people buy drones as toys, without having the knowledge to use them.

“People will buy them online; they won’t buy them at a hobby shop. We don’t get a chance to help them with it, to understand what you’re supposed to do, so the FAA is saying know before you fly,” said Johnson.

Rules Taylor says everyone needs to abide by.

“Obviously we never want to fly anywhere close to the airport. We want to keep certain altitude, not getting too high, not losing contact, being able to see it while it’s flying,” said Taylor.

Or face the penalties, now that your drone has your information attached to it.

“What the registration is going to do is make people accountable if a product comes down and hurts someone or causes property damage, and the authorities find it, they know where to go,” said Johnson.

Registration only costs $5.00. In fact, the first 30 days it’s free. However, if you don’t register, fines can be more than $20,000 or possible jail time.