Holiday Surprise for Mom Who Shot Intruders

CHARLOTTE, NC — Christmas came early Wednesday for the Charlotte mother who shot back at intruders while feeding her baby.

Semantha Bunce was hit twice when the men broke into her house last month.

The mom was smiling just hours before Christmas.

Last month, she wasn’t sure she’d be here after the gun battle.

“We’re just happy we have each other now, you know?” said her husband Paul Bunce.

“Just having each other certainly means a lot,” said Semantha.

The combat medic in the National Guard rushed her son to his crib when she heard the intruders break in to her home.

She grabbed her husband’s gun and shot at the robbers. She was hit twice in the shootout.

After surgery and recovery, the family wants what we all want.

“We want a Christmas for the kids. That’s pretty much our main focus,” said Semantha. “You have your bills to pay and all that. So, obviously sometimes it’s hard to provide for your children, you know, what you want.”

Bunce’s bravery put her family on the Giving Tree Charities’ list.

The group has surprised hundreds of local military families this month who have an injured, deployed, recently deployed family member or financial hardship.

“To see the smiles on the kids faces, to see the warmth of the families allowing us to come into their home,” said Bruce Bleiman. “It’s great feeling.”

The Bunce family is now ready to get back to normal in the new year.

“These people made it so possible for us to have that for Bailey and Bentley, you know?” said Semantha. “They’ve gone above and beyond.”

Police arrested Reco Dawkins, Jr. for the break in. Other suspects are still on the run.

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