One of World’s Smallest Surviving Babies Born in Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, NC — One of the world’s smallest surviving babies has been born right here in Charlotte at Carolinas Medical Center. The little girl was delivered via emergency c-section 14 weeks early.

She was so small, even preemie clothing didn’t fit her. Elayah Faith is still so little, her green pacifier looks gigantic. She’s still swimming in her onesie, but her little perfect hands are starting to look perfectly plump.

Elayah was born September 23, 14 weeks before her December 29 due date. She weighed just ten ounces (that’s less than a can of soup) and measured just ten inches long.

Mom Megan Smith says her high blood pressure caused the umbilical cord and placenta to stop working when she was about five months pregnant. She had Elayah via emergency c-section.

“My miracle baby, my miracle baby!” said Megan.

Elayah is the smallest surviving baby ever born at CMC. Doctors say had she been born ten, even five years ago, she probably wouldn’t have lived. They credit expert ventilator care, smaller tubes and better nutrition via IV.

“Growth is her ticket outta here,” said Dr. Andrew Herman. “To grow as quickly and safely as possible.”

Neonatologist and Interim Chief Medical Officer for Levine Children’s Hospital Dr. Andrew Herman says he’s proud of how well the baby, her parents and his team have done over the past three months.

“She’s five times her size when she was born!” he said. He continued, “She’s definitely gonna make it, she’s gonna be healthy. “There are hardly words that can describe it!”

There were also hardly any clothes that fit this sweet little baby. At first, first-time mom Megan tried using clothing off teddy bears, and:

“I did go shopping in the barbie doll section, got her some clothes,” she said. “I did, but, hey, she outgrew them!”

Elayah could go home as early as next week. Doctors say she will be a healthy kid. Megan says she can’t wait to put bows in her baby girl’s hair.