Rains Cause Flooding at Albemarle Shopping Center

ALBEMARLE, N.C. – Water surged into storefronts at the Uwharrie Commons shopping center off 52 in Albemarle Wednesday. A Gold’s Gym, doctors’ offices and a Tae Kwon Do studio, all certainly damaged by the flood waters. Vehicles in the parking lot, trapped in standing water.

There were lots of reports that the creek behind the shopping center had spilled over its banks but: “The creek is not crested,” says business owner Robbie Cohen. He showed WCCB Charlotte what he says is the real cause of the shopping center flooding: an overflowing system. He says, “That is actually the sewage system. That is the sanitary sewer. There’s water filtrated to the north of us, and that’s actually the water you’re seeing.”

It smelled as you would expect an overflowing sewage system to smell. We’re asking city leaders about these waters and whether they might be contaminated.

In the meantime, several major roads and side streets are blocked around town. City Manager Mike Ferris says, “And we’re just asking people to please not be out and travel, of course, always follow the rule: turn around, don’t drown.”

Lifelong Albemarle resident Roger Thomas has this warning for his neighbors: “A lot of the low places in the country side area, they’re no lights out there other than your headlights, so you have to be real careful.”

UPDATE: WCCB Charlotte got a reply from the city manager about the flooding in the parking lot. He says the flooding is “absolutely” caused by the creek. But he did point out the area is prone to occasional sewer spills because the system is old.