Two Shot in Busy Charlotte Intersection

CHARLOTTE, NC — “It was just two concurrent noises,” said witness Michael Farmer. “Just ‘boom, boom’. And I looked back and saw a truck coming across the intersection.”

People enjoying a New Years Day lunch at Bob Evans at the intersection of WT Harris and Statesville Avenue weren’t quite sure what happened.

“We go to the restaurant, someone comes in and says there’s like 3 gunshots, so we rush outside and look at the car and there’s cops everywhere,” said witness Russ Pitsul.

Witnesses started recording the chaotic scene.

“One guy was laying there the whole time. The other guy was kinda leaning against the pole and his head was bleeding,” said witness Igor Rutkobskiy.

CMPD says two officers nearby at the Hickory Tavern rushed over and stopped the shooting in progress. Donald Hicklin, Jr. and Warren Caldwell, Jr. shot each other, and one had a gun pulled on the second one when police arrived.

“Inside and outside it sounds like, but thank goodness nobody else was hurt, and thank goodness officers were seconds away that stopped somebody from probably being killed,” said CMPD Capt. Ken Schul.

Months ago, all officers went through tourniquet training. Investigators say the training was put to use on one of the men, who had been shot in the leg.

“Many many times in this city, tourniquets are being used by officers and many people don’t know that and it’s saved a lot of people’s lives,” said Capt. Schul.

Considering the shooting happened in a busy intersection, witnesses say they’re thankful no one else was injured.

“It blows your mind when you think about the things that happen around you everyday,” said Farmer.