CMPD Warns of Counterfeit Playoff Tickets

CHARLOTTE, NC– “It’s expensive, but it’s worth it,” said PSL owner Melinda Clay. Playoff tickets sold out in a matter of minutes, leaving people looking for other ways to score seats at Sunday’s game.

“Like $300 to $400, and then anything over $1,000 is just obnoxious,” said Panthers fan Melissa Mullingan.

CMPD says make sure you document who you buy from.

“You can ask the seller for identification or record information so you know who you’re purchasing ticket from,” said CMPD Major Johnnie Jennings.

PSL Source representative Mary Ewen says there’s one sure-fire way to see on the spot if your ticket is legit or not.

“Scratch the back of the ticket, and it’s this football looking shape that will appear on back of the ticket, and it goes all the way up,” said Ewen.

Ewen says scratch it off in front of the seller and if the logo isn’t there, it’s not real.

As far as pricing, there’s no cap on internet sales or fees.

North Carolina law says tickets sold on street can only go for $3 above face value, including taxes and fees.

Keep in mind, different sites like Stub Hub or NFL Exchange can have up to 20 percent or more in fees.