Mooresville Toddler Drowns in Family Pond

CHARLOTTE, NC — “Innocent little boy harmed; no one done nothing to anyone and no longer with us. It bothers me,” said neighbor Bob Bloxom.

Neighbor Bob Bloxom didn’t know little 4-year old Cullen Anthony Lintzenich, but had seen him playing outside and was there when crews pulled the toddler out of the water after a 6-hour search late Monday night.

“They went everywhere. They came around my house. Of course I went down there and looked myself with a flashlight and didn’t see anything,” said Bloxom.

The family living at Craftman’s Loop had legal guardianship of Cullen, and a family friend tells me they treated him like a son for more than a year. Family called police when they couldn’t find him out playing in the yard.

“There were several searches that took place, one was a coordinated land search, then a door to door search of residences in the area, and then search of pond which was located on the scene,” said Mt Mourne Fire Chief, Roger Hoover.

Crews found Cullen’s toy jeep floating in the pond, then hours later dive crews used sonar equipment to find his body.

One Mount Mourne firefighter was transported with injuries after hitting his head on fire equipment, but is expected to be all right. Friends of the family did tell us they are now making funeral arrangements for the little boy.