CLT Man Facing 34 Sex Crime Charges Against Kids

CHARLOTTE, NC — A Charlotte man faces 34 sex charges after police say they found child porn in his home.

Investigators say he met some of the suspected victims at church. Police say Nicolas Vasquez was an active member at an East Charlotte church called Asamblea Apostolica Church.

Detectives believe the suspected abuse happened over the past three years and wanted to hear from other possible victims.

There are four victims listed in the sex crimes case against Vasquez.

Police say they are boys and girls ages nine to 12.

Investigators with the CMPD Crimes Against Children Unit say he met them through church or through acquaintances.

“Children do look up to adults. Us being adults, we look at the church as a safe place to send the kids,” said Marek Nelson.

Nelson lives near Vasquez’ listed address.

Police believe it was at home, not at church, where the suspected sexual contact happened.

“What we’re looking for is additional information to make some clarifications because, ultimately, what we’re looking for is the truth,” said Lt. Tom Barry.

Lt. Barry says a concerned family member notified police Wednesday. At this point in the investigation, he would not say if it was a family member of a victim or one of Vasquez’ family members.

Lt. Barry says detectives searched Vasquez’ home and found sexually explicit photos of children.

“There’s a bunch of kids in this community,” said Nelson. “For someone in this community to be doing something like that, and then they find the evidence in the guy’s apartment. There are no words for that.”

Vasquez was charged with 18 counts of Indecent Liberties with a Child, 11 counts of 1st Degree Sexual Exploitation of a Minor and five counts of 1st Degree Sex Offense.

If you know Vasquez or someone who might be a victim, call 704-336-2780.