CMPD Prepares for Possible Uptown Celebrations

CHARLOTTE, NC — “I think it could be total pandemonium,” said Jim Kiefer, who works Uptown.

People who work Uptown are already thinking about their commute next week if a Panthers celebration is to happen. CMPD says it always has to look ahead as well.

“We’re in the business of planning and being prepared. All our officers when they sign up, they know should a situation or something arise, we can call upon them to do their duty,” said CMPD Deputy Chief Jeff Estes.

Many past celebrations, including the Thanksgiving Day parade, shut down roads like Tryon Street on holidays when people are off. A possible Panthers celebration would add crowds on a weekday to the 100,000 people already working Uptown.

“We recognize, for us, traffic management is an issue, for also, for citizens that come up, if there’s a big, huge celebration I wouldn’t anticipate going anywhere quickly,” said Estes.

Workers are thinking ahead and suggest others do as well.

“Usually try to work from home, but if that’s the case either try to get here really early and stay late, or wait until after and then head into Uptown,” said Carlos Rufin, who works Uptown.

“It’s one of the reasons I think people should utilize mass transit as I do,” said Kiefer.