Kelly Davis on TD’s Injury and the Super Bowl Experience

Video edited to remove NFL footage.

SAN JOSE, CA — It is the stuff young football playing kids’ dreams are made of. Your team, your face, right here at the Super Bowl. It’s also the stuff of Kelly Davis’ dreams.

“You know, Thomas’ face is, like, outside on the building of the hotel,” said Kelly Davis, wife of Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis. “I was just so excited when I saw that and you know, I think the team is taking it all in and they’re being humble, but every day when I see Thomas I’m like, ‘You’re in the Super Bowl!’ And he’s like, ‘Kelly, you are so lame.’ And I’m just excited for him!”

There was that moment all this season’s hard work seemed to hang in the balance: when TD came out of the NFC Championship game against the Cards.

“I saw him go back in the locker room, and when he came back, I’m able to kinda communicate with him from where I sit, and I’m like, ‘Are you okay?’ And he said no. And I was like, ‘Is it broken?’ Making little signals, and he said yes. And then he gave me the thumbs up like, ‘I’m gonna be okay’, so I got the whole scoop with those three little hand signals from him.”

One surgery, one metal plate and eleven screws later, Kelly tells me she knows her husband is 100 percent.

“And I can tell because of the things that he does. Like at home this past weekend, we were there, and just seeing him here at the Super Bowl and the stuff he’s doing. He’s signing autographs, he’s picking up stuff, playing with the guys, you know, picking up my luggage, doing whatever he needs to do. So I can tell he’s pretty confident in his arm. And I know Thomas would not get out on the field if he thought he was going to hurt the team or hurt himself again.”