Panthers Fans Gather at Epicentre Rally

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Families brought the whole gang to the Epicentre for the pep rally, dance party, and fun zone.

“Just to be part of this. I mean, the city is on fire right now. We’re so excited to support our Panthers,” said fan Andrea Howard.

Kids of all ages and adults perfecting their dance moves.

“You been dabbin’, show her your dab!” said Howard.

Decked out in all Cats decor, fans say it’s important for Charlotteans to come out and show support.

“We’re selling these bracelets, so come and get your bracelet, glow, take it to Super Bowl and show that Panther Pride,”said fan Tom Gipson.

“This is a big moment for the city of Charlotte. So many things happening in Charlotte, putting Charlotte on map and this is like, just brings it all together,” said fan Tiffany Morgan.

In the center of the city, where fans dance and cheer for a team that could be just days away from making Queen City history.

“You have to show your city spirit, you have to support it. Who wouldn’t want to be here? This is history in the making,” said another Panther fan.

There will be another rally at the Epicentre Saturday at 2pm.