Panthers Fans Welcome the Team Back

CHARLOTTE, NC– It was a heroes welcome for players and coaches.

“Awesome season, OMG this was the best season we were so excited,” says Edna Marte.

Hundreds of fans waited hours to see the team arrive Monday night.

“I got to touch Josh Norman, Greg Olsen and Jonathan Stewart,” says Dominique Marte.

An experience they say they’ll never forget.

“I was so happy because I got to see them live in person.” says Dominique Marte.

And giving these kids bragging rights at school Tuesday.

“Awesome they should’ve been there, amazing experience! Keep pounding!” says one little kid who couldn’t contain his excitement.

Most players took a sec to greet fans. Others recording the experience for themselves.

The recently named NFL MVP Cam Newton quickly shifted through the crowd with headphones waving to fans.

One kiddo tried to get a high five.

NFL coach of the year Ron Rivera took his time greeting fans who say they are ready for next year.

“We got next year we have K.B and Funchess together nobody is going to be able to handle them, keep pounding!” says one fan.