GOP Candidates Battle for SC

“I’ve heard it’s going to be a blood bath down here,” said Judy Rauppius of Rock Hill.

Let the fight for South Carolina begin, and Winthrop University Political Professor Scott Huffmon says though Trump and Cruz leading the GOP pack, things can change fast.


“Bush and Rubio are going to be duking it out with other candidates fighting to become relevant again so what we thought we were going to see a week ago in South Carolina has changed up a little,” said Huffmon.

“For the next ten days we are the epicenter of the political universe,” said Wes Climer with the York County Republican Party.

With all the candidates blanketing South Carolina.

“In order to win South Carolina you have to build a coalition of social conservatives, national security conservatives and economic conservatives,” said Climer.

And you have to win everyday voters.


“Can that person be trustworthy, have they been in office, do they have any experience,” said Winthrop student, Alysia Ballant.

“I was very proud of our South Carolina Governor when she came out against Trump’s rhetoric about Muslims and his intolerance,” said Dr. Martha Edwards of Rock Hill.

Trump, who just held a rally at Winthrop less than a month ago, had led South Carolina, but not all voters are happy about that.


“I think he’s really made a mockery of the political process when it comes to rhetoric,” said Winthrop Professor, David Stokes.

One thing political analysts and voters can all agree on.

“What we’re going to see if a lot of mudslinging but especially trying to kick the legs out from your opponent,” said Huffmon.