Brush up on your safe driving techniques!

N Charlotte Toyota tips When was the last time you were tested on your driving skills? For many of us, the last time we were tested was when you passed the driving exam! However, the roads are constantly changing and our team at Toyota of N Charlotte wants to ensure you are practicing safe driving techniques while on the streets. That’s why we want to brush up on a few road safety tips to help keep you safe! 

Be safe behind the wheel and use these N Charlotte Toyota safe driving tips! 

Once you become a driver you’re on high alert because being behind the wheel feels new! However, once you’ve accrued a few years in the driver’s seat, it becomes too common. This is why it’s important to remember that once you take a seat behind the wheel, your one and only focus should be on the road! So check yourself before you wreck yourself and use N Charlotte Toyota’s safe driving tips! 

Get safe driving tips from Toyota of N Charlotte! 

Road Rules

One of the most important things to do when you’re driving is to follow the road rules. They are enforced in order to keep you and other drivers safe. You should always stop at stop signs, yield for pedestrians, and drive slowly during school zones.  
First Time Drivers

If you’re a first time driver make sure to use all the safe driving techniques you have learned from driver’s education! It’s important to have both hands on the steering wheel and drive under the speed limit. Cars now-a-days are equipped with some of the most advanced technology features, so you can stream music while having your phone away. Never ever text and drive! 
Distracted Driving

We previously mentioned that your one and only focus should be on the road. That’s why you should put away anything that can deter your attention from the wheel. If you have a passenger with you, ask them to help you with directions and if you need to text, they can be your co-pilot. 
Defensive Driving 

You may always be a careful driver; however, sometimes the inevitable happens! Use your safe driving techniques in your new Toyota to keep you and your passengers safe. Keep an eye out for pedestrians, pets and reckless drivers! 
Night Driving 

Be extra cautious when you’re driving at night! Not only is the visibility diminished at night, but there are drivers who went out and are now driving home. You should never drink and drive, always have a designated driver. However, when you’re out driving at night, be on the lookout for other disoriented cars. Use your driving techniques, turn on your headlights, and get home safely! 

Always have an emergency plan in place. Know who to call and what to do if you’re in an unfortunate situation. However, have the peace of mind you deserve in a N Charlotte Toyota with top-notch safety features. 
Our top-priority at Toyota of N Charlotte is the safety of you and your family! If you have more questions regarding safe driving, don’t hesitate to call N Charlotte Toyota at (888) 207-1601. 
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