The Watch with Will Kennedy: Nuisance House Plaguing Neighborhood Demolished

CHARLOTTE, NC — Sometimes, the best way to cure the disease is to cut out the cancer. We highlighted one nuisance property in West Charlotte last month that had been poisoning a neighborhood for years; attracting drugs, prostitution and violent crime.

Now that house is gone.

“Everything from fighting with chairs, you know, shovels, bricks,” says Don Ferguson. “You know, fighting amongst one another.”

Ferguson worked across the street from the house at 3120 Tuckaseegee Road. He and his coworkers saw it all through the years, and sent WCCB Charlotte video of the craziness.

“The police reports are just unbelievable, the amount of times that police officers have been here in the last couple of years,” says Ferguson.

“We actually pulled the numbers, and in the year we had over a hundred calls for service just at this house,” says CMPD Officer Danny Meyers. “Primarily dealing with prostitution, disturbances, fights and drug related charges. And it’s right here in the street, in the middle of all these houses. And the neighborhood, they were tired of it.”

A week ago there was a house here; now all that’s left is one brick on this property that was a thorn in the side for both CMPD and the community around it. A laundry list of crimes taking place here. You can still see some of the remnants: used condoms and spent shotgun shells.

A thirteen-month odyssey ending in a win for the residents of Enderly Park, local businesses and CMPD. The house was finally condemned by Charlotte Code Enforcement, the demolition approved by City Council.

“To not have this property here is huge for them,” says CMPD Officer Carolynn Pierce. “And because of the drain on us for manpower, the amount of time we were out here, it’s going to be I think a positive thing for everybody involved.”

“This house was an absolute nuisance to this Enderly Park community,” says Lt. Zeru Chickoree. “And the residents really brought it to our attention, helped us along the way, were a huge support for us. And I really want to tell them thank you, because it’s really because of them that this got started, and now it’s gone. ”

Officer Meyers told me that CMPD responded to 216 disturbance calls on the former house at 3120 Tuckaseegee Road in the last two years alone.