Puppy Shot, Police Investigating Kids

ROCK HILL, S.C. – “There’s just nothing, nothing that can forgive something like this. This is ridiculous,” says Ebenezer Animal Hospital veterinarian Dr. Jay Hreiz, as he looks down at a five-week-old puppy recovering after being shot 18 times with a BB gun.

The puppy’s x-rays show each of the painful projectiles. Dr. Hreiz says, “I’ll be truthful with you, I’m shocked that this dog is doing as well as he’s doing.”

Police got a call Sunday evening that led them to the Wildwood Spring Apartments on Springdale Road in Rock Hill. Officers pulled up and saw a group of 15-20 kids here, around the badly injured puppy. The kids told officers someone who lives here hurt the the dog, but they wouldn’t say who.

Rock Hill Police Captain Mark Bollinger says, “One officer put the dog in his patrol car and took him to Ebenezer Animal Hospital in Rock Hill for treatment and the other officer started the investigation.”

And that investigation has been upgraded: turned over to the detective division, because of the seriousness of the dog’s injuries, the lack of cooperation from the kids on the scene and what animal abuse can signify.

Bollinger says, “That’s one indicator that there may be something going on with this young person that could lead to more violent crime in the future.”

The puppy, now named “Brody,” is on pain meds and antibiotics. He’s too young for surgery at this point. He’s doing well, but not out of the woods yet. Dr. Hreiz says, “Literally the dog was used for some sick sport to shoot and that was it.” And, “This is animal cruelty, plain and simple.”

We’re told one of the officers who rescued the puppy Sunday wants to adopt him. Project Safe Pet (www.projectsafepet.com) is collecting donations for Brody’s medical bills.