Students, UNC CLT Police Chief Discuss Crime Near Campus

CHARLOTTE, NC — Crime surrounding UNC Charlotte’s campus increased by half last year.

The numbers are concerning parents and students so much so, some have moved away from campus.

“After, like, night life, it just gets very, very dangerous,” said Robert Shivers. “Like, people start shooting, and just it’s not necessary for a University Area.”

The FBI calls crime in schools and colleges one of the most troublesome problems.

While most violence here is happening beyond UNC Charlotte’s campus.

Students say it’s disrupting student stability.

“They’re targeting when students are least expecting something to happen,” said Zack Castano.

Castano’s truck was broken into at Arcadia Apartments. The residence is off campus but primarily student housing.

“[It] Happened to me and four of my buddies the same night,” said Castano.

In the past week, CMPD recorded 66 crimes within two miles of UNC Charlotte.

The most violent were assaults.

Campus police also cover roughly two square miles.

They only recorded about five crimes in the past week. The most serious was a stolen cell phone.

“We’re more in a proactive mode where we’re preventing,” said UNC Charlotte’s Police Chief Jeffrey Baker.

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Chief Baker says with Charlotte being a large city, crime is expected, even around students.

“You don’t have random, walking crime everywhere,” said Chief Baker. “You just don’t.”

His 52 officers have driven violent crime on campus down more than 25 percent in the past year.

“What usually generates crime are certain small pockets and those hot spots,” said Chief Baker.

In December, CMPD tackled what they considered one hot spot: University House Apartments.

Gun violence forced many students to break leases.

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Now security patrols the complex 24 hours a day.

“Now that they beefed up security, it’s just moved to different areas,” said Shivers. “I stay in the house because I don’t want to be a victim, and I’m trying to get my diploma.”

Students want to see crime down across the board where they live, not just on campus.