High Winds Down Trees Across The City

“Thank goodness it did not fall on anybody’s house,” said Dilworth resident, Liza Duncan.

Massive trees down like this one blocking the road at Queens and Henley kept city crews busy all day. But the city is only responsible for trees on city owned property. So if this tree stemmed from a private yard, the homeowner would be left with the root of the problem.

“If it’s a private tree that falls depending on situation we may only clear and remove the tree debris that’s in the street or in city right away blocking sidewalks and vehicle traffic,” said Tim Porter, Interim City Arborist.

Which is why the city says to check your trees.


“Look for any mushrooms growing at base of tree start at bottom and look up or top down whichever is better for you but look for mushrooms and any wounds at base of tree or higher up that might indicate rot or decay,” said Porter.

Homeowners in the Dilworth area say they check their trees all time, so they aren’t left with a damaged home or hefty bill.

“We do fertilizer every year we have it injected in trees we wrap them obviously and have an arborist come check them on a yearly basis,” said Duncan.