SBI on Meth Labs: You Put A Lot of People in Danger

Charlotte, NC — CMPD raided the 68th meth lab discovered in North Carolina this year Wednesday morning.

SWAT busted into the suspected lab on Mount Holly Rd. near Latta Ave., detaining everyone inside.

“We have a whole bunch of young people, kids, and we don’t want them to be around that,” said neighbor Andrew Robinson.

After a nearly 12 hours search, detectives say they found evidence of a meth lab.

They arrested Robert Grice, Christopher Conner, Kara Carpenter, Richard Russell and Bobby Bumgardner.

It’s the second meth lab agents have raided in Mecklenburg County in two months.

Last year, SBI Special Agent In Charge Todd Duke says agents raided nearly 500 meth labs in our state.

“You put a lot of people in danger,” said Special Agent in Charge Duke. “Especially, anybody in the immediate vicinity.”

Police kept neighbors from their homes while detectives searched the property, the biggest risk being explosion.

“You got a lot of volatile mixture of explosives, corrosive material, in a bottle that’s not designed to hold high pressure,” said Special Agent in Charge Duke.

The Health Department has to quarantine the homes until hazmat crews clean.

“These toxins go airborne,” said Special Agent in Charge Duke. “They’re going to be in the carpet, or in the carpet padding, and the wall boards, in the HVAC system.”

Neighbors of the latest house now want a crime watch system in place to keep the drugs out.

“It’s heartbreaking. People have to know who they live by,” said Robinson.

Police are still investigating this and the five suspects may face additional charges