Bill Clinton Rallies for Wife Hillary in Rock Hill

ROCK HILL, SC — “She’s got the best record of proving she can get stuff done across party lines,” said former President Bill Clinton.

Bill Clinton rallied a packed gymnasium at Freedom Temple Church, saying why his wife, Hillary, should be the next President.

“I’m still undecided. My heart is with Bernie, but my mind is with Hillary,” said voter Jair Devereaux from Charlotte.

Others who came to hear the former President are 100 percent Hillary supporters.

“I absolutely know I will be voting for Hillary. She has the experience; she’s the best candidate. We do need a woman President,” said Debbie Weaver of Rock Hill.

One who says she will push legislation for working mothers.

“Because we’re one of only seven countries in the world that doesn’t have paid leave; we don’t have equal pay or affordable childcare. Hillary has all that in her platform,” said Bill Clinton.

While her husband campaigned in Rock Hill, Hillary spent the day going from Myrtle Beach to North Charleston.

Meanwhile, her opponent Bernie Sanders didn’t make it down South. Instead he held a events in Ohio and Michigan. Back in Rock Hill, Bill Clinton told the crowd Hillary wants to help small businesses flourish again and build up America, not build a wall around it.

“I don’t think America ever stopped being great. We need to make America whole again,” said Bill Clinton.

With the South Carolina Democratic primary just two days away, Hillary is holding a double-digit lead in the state. As of right now, Sanders doesn’t have it on his schedule to visit before the primary.