Celebrities Show Up for CIAA Events

CHARLOTTE, NC — “I’m looking forward to seeing T.I. on Sunday,” said one CIAA fan.

CIAA fans come to Charlotte with stars in their eyes, and the Epicenter is a hot spot for exclusive parties at places like Whiskey River and Bubble, where many people hung out hoping to get a glimpse.

“To be able to see the people you actually support on TV, just seeing them on Instagram and online and actually see them in person,” said Janel Durham from New Jersey.

And many are paying good money to ensure they party with them, with tickets starting around $40 and up.

“Floyd Mayweather birthday party tonight, and then Breakfast Club day party tomorrow, and then Rock Ross Party on Saturday night,” said Tamesha Pumphrey from Charlotte.

Then there’s the free Fan Fest at the Convention Center.

“I actually was excited to see Lance. When I first came into the building I spotted him. I said, ‘Oh my gosh, there go Lance!'” said one fan.

We had a couple celebrity sightings ourselves, including Lance Gross, best know for his role on Tyler Perry’s House of Payne.

“We have a platform, and we have to use that platform for good. And I consider my fans family, and I take care of my family, so I feel like I’m doing my part by being part of this event,” said actor Lance Gross.

Other celebrities we sighted were The Dancing Dolls from Lifetime, longtime BET host Donnie Simpson and if you don’t know the name “Silento”, you know his song: The Whip Nay Nay, also known as “Watch Me”.

All the celebrities we found there were happy to take pictures and meet their fans.