Parents Upset They Weren’t Notified Sooner About Sun Valley Threat

UNION COUNTY, NC – Some parents in Union County want to know why they weren’t notified sooner about a threat against Sun Valley High School.

“I would prefer to hear this from school, than from my daughter,” says parent Boris Golovko.

“I first found out cause my friend sent me a text message, like hey I heard someone threatened to shoot up the school,” says his daughter Oksana.

Union County Public School officials say the threat originated a few weeks ago on a bathroom wall and wasn’t found to be credible. But they didn’t tell parents anything until school was already in session Monday.

A spokesperson says a message went out around 9:45 am.
Not knowing what to expect, Michelle Cowden kept her two kids out of class.
“Whether the threat is legitimate or it’s not, we as parents have the right to make the decision what’s best for our kids,” Cowden explains.
She says if the district had informed parents earlier, she might have sent her kids to school.
“With good communication, that eliminates a lot of questions, a lot of worry, and we just need to know better,” she says.
Meanwhile, students who were in class say they noticed extra security and noticeably fewer people.